Paranormal Connections

Paranormal Connections – Versailles, Kentucky

Contact Information
Contact Name: Ej Hall
Phone Number: (502) 783-7420

How far are you willing to travel for a private resident investigation: Anywhere in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio
How much experience do you have in doing private residential investigations? We have a staff of mediums, investigators, Native American shamans, and priest all on staff and whiling to help the community’s around us. Our goal is to provide a honest service and not come in to any home claiming to be experts. No one is an expert dealing with the dead. We can only try to find the answers everyone is wanting.
Do you offer home cleansings? Yes, and we ask the clients to sign waivers.
Do you charge a fee for services?  All services are free of charge at paranormal connections
Other Information: Welcome to Paranormal Connections, we are here to serve you on your quest for answers and healing. Let us know how we can help you and support you. Open the portal of communication and let us know all the details.

Our Services:
Smudging, (Sage, Palo santo…)
EMF Readings ( Electric magnetic feild)
Video & audio
House cleansings, (Sage, Palo Santo)
Spritual education & advice
Dowsing rod, loaded or personal questions
Cat Balls – Bells
Cemetery Investigations
Home Paranormal Investigations
Medium services


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