NightSong Paranormal

NightSong Paranormal – Nashville, Tennessee

Contact Information
Contact Name: Barbie Horsley
Phone Number: 6157080944

How far are you willing to travel for a private resident investigation: 50 Miles
How much experience do you have in doing private residential investigations? 20+ years
Do you offer home cleansings? Yes, we can sage a home to clear out negative energy.
Do you charge a fee for services? No
Other Information: We are a team of seasoned paranormal investigators and researchers. Not only do we investigate privately, we also organize and host ghost hunting events for the public. We believe strongly in para-unity, collaborations with other teams, and educating the public about the paranormal.

NightSong Paranormal is a Christian based team. We approach every investigation with open hearts, good intentions, and scientific minds. Our team uses state of the art paranormal equipment and scientific data collection tools. We treat all locations with respect and have a strict NO PROVOCATION policy. We do not conduct seances or Ouija sessions.


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