MeMe’s Haunting’s Paranormal

MeMe’s Haunting’s Paranormal – Fort Collins, Colorado

Contact Information
Contact Name: Meme Black
Phone: 970-212-6483

How far are you willing to travel for a private resident investigation: Colorado , but I do travel to other states and cities
How much experience do you have in doing private residential investigations? I been doing private residential houses since 2013 before I used to help out family and friends I have my gift since I was 5 years old.
Do you offer home cleansings? After every investigation I do help out on how to cleanse and keep their houses positive and clean. 
Do you charge a fee for services? I never charge but I do except donations. I do my investigation on donations; P.O.Box 272836 fort Collins Co 80527.
Other Information: I always do an interview, investigation, review evidence with client and go through and how we can fix and what we can do to cleanse and what crystals they can use to protect them. If I can’t cleanse I will reach out to other fellow investigator to help.


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