Crossroads Paranormal

Crossroads Paranormal – Terre Haute, Indiana

Contact Information
Contact Name: Danyel Fletcher

How far are you willing to travel for a private resident investigation: We can travel throughout Indiana and all surrounding states (Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan,)
How much experience do you have in doing private residential investigations? A collective 10+ years
Do you offer home cleansings? Yes, we have two team members experienced in different styles of cleansings.
Do you charge a fee for services? No
Other Information: Several of our members have taken courses in the paranormal field. We have a wide range of experiences and knowledge. We don’t just come in and investigate. We research, we interview, we dig deep. Our investigations are done with what the property occupants end goal is in mind, whether they just want proof, they want cleansing, or they want help in some other way.

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